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In Nha Trang, food is plentiful, everywhere you look and is an integral part of the lives of many locals. Not often, the street is a stage where many of the food is related in Nha Trang.


  • Enjoy delicious Vietnamese food like local people – on the street
  • Take a stroll through the bustling streets and bustling markets of Nha Trang
  • Learn more about the unique culinary culture of Nha Trang

Price: 9 USD/ person

Tour Style: Local Life and Culture, Local Food, Walking, Market Visits
Includes: English speaking guide, all street food along the way, 1 bottle of water

3:30 pm: We start the wonderful walking tour by picking you up at the hotel. Then go to To Hien Thanh Street, dozens of street vendors sell many street vendors. Products vary from fresh seafood to exotic fruits and spices. Our Guide will provide customers with an insight into the complexity and traditions of Vietnamese culinary culture, including details of the ingredients and historical background of the popular North Vietnamese cuisine. . We eat when we go, try seasonal fruits and snacks from the street wheelchair. Going through the busy street maze, we tasted our taste with the famous Nha Trang cuisine at a local eatery.

1. Banh Can

Rice cakes are small rice cakes cooked in clay on a charcoal hotpot.
Biscuits are all about texture! A crispy crust shell. A smooth interior. And, between our small cake is a layer of butter, beat eggs. Carrots are a great bite and chew – but not surprising at all! That’s where the sauce came!
We mix rice sauce, fish sauce, chopped green onions, red peppers. Very very delicious.

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2. Spring rolls (Goi cuon)

Not to be confused with your traditional egg rolls, these are different in that they’re not fried but still equally delectable! These come in varieties of ingredients but our favorite spring rolls are the grilled pork.

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3. Banh xeo ( Sizzing Pancake )

A good banh xeo is a crispy crepe bulging with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts, plus the garnish of fresh herbs that are characteristic of most authentic Vietnamese dishes. To enjoy one like a local, cut it into manageable slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves and dunk it in whatever special sauce the local chef has mixed up for you.

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4. Vietnamese pizza

Image result for banh trang trung

5. Bun Thit Nuong

This is a cold dry noodle dish based on vermicelli noodles, grilled marinated pork or can have beef (Bo), deep fried rice paper , shredded lettuce, peanuts, sprouts, cucumber and fresh herbs cut up and mixed together. The dish is dressed with Nuoc Cham (a tasty dipping sauce). The result is a beautiful, fresh, light, slightly spicy healthy dish.

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6. Banh Cuon (Steamed rice cake)

These rolled up rice flour pancakes are best when served piping hot, still soft and delicate. Although seemingly slender and empty they have a savory filling of minced pork and mushrooms.

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6. Che chuoi Nuong ( Sweet desserts and puddings )

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Continuing into the atmospheric heart of the XOM Moi Market,
The next two of us are at the outdoor bbq. We sat down with Nha Trang people and tasted many specialties of meat, vegetables and toast on hot coal for more flavor. It is time to dine when we look for a small alley to join the fresh fruit party served in glasses and soak with frozen and special milk – this specialty can not be missed. too!
This hard to find cafe is one of the few bars on the narrow street. Or, if coffee is not your style, cold beer is waiting! At the end of the trip you are free to continue exploring our guided area which will take you back to your hotel.

There will be more option for you for Vetetarian food and and seafood or some local food style on request please send email for us.

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