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I’ve heard about easy riders from travellers along the way and they all recommended me to do it. At first I was hesitant but meeting boo at the office convinced me to book a 3 day tour from nha trang to dalat. He was very enthusiastic and proud to show the real vietnam to tourists which was so awesome! When my easy rider KHUYEN picked me up from my hostel it was nothing but good times and good laughs! of course at the beginning I was a little bit nervous but the nerves quickly faded away. He made me feel so comfortable and I felt very safe especially crossing the busy streets! He was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about showing me everything and explaining the things we saw. Things I would have never seen or experienced if I didn’t do this tour. When i would see other easy riders pass by ethnic villages he took me directly into the village and explained to me how the people live. I really enjoyed seeing the real vietnam and experiencing how the people live their daily lives. I definitely learned alot from khuyen and got a good understanding of the Vietnamese culture. We even had lots of Beer and rice wine in true vietnam style ! I highly recommend the tour of the central highlands to everyone! Definitely the way to travel from nha trang to dalat instead of taking the boring old bus! Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for the free beers!!! A highlight of my trip to vietnam for sure!